Determined to address the problem of illicit drug use and substance abuse among its citizens, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda with the assistance of CICAD/OAS drafted a five (5) year plan which sought to coordinate the islands Anti-Drug initiative. The existing plan, which is a collaborative effort between the various Governmental and non-governmental organizations, emphasizes the notion that the Anti-Drug initiative is a “sheared responsibility” which requires everyone’s input for it to be successful.

Over many years, governmental as well as non-governmental organizations have all been involved directly and indirectly in raising awareness about the destructive nature of drugs in society. These efforts have been led by the law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Social Transformation and Health, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice and more recently the Ministry of National Security.

The Anti-Drug Strategy consists of three broad areas geared to addressing: (1) the alternative to illicit drug use; (2) the treatment of persons already dependant on illicit drugs and (3) combating or controlling the supply and distribution of illicit drugs.

Antigua and Barbuda National Anti-Drug Strategy 2010 -2014

Antigua and Barbuda National Anti-Drug Strategy 2019 – 2023