Human Resources

The staff component of the organization spans a cadre of enthusiastic and efficient persons who are continuously championing the cause of eradicating the prevalence of illicit narcotics, money laundering and financing of terrorism. The ONDCP comprises of several units/departments which contribute to the mandate:

  • Administration Department
  • Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Financial  Investigations Department
  • Financial Compliance Unit
  • Drug Intelligence Unit
  • Tactical & Surveillance Team
  • Legal Department


Training & Development

The organization will continue to seek training opportunities which will allow for the continued growth and development of its human resources. This improved knowledge and skill will assist in enhancing operational efficiency and competencies and provide the strengthened foundation to use up to date equipment and keep abreast of new technology.

Our operational personnel receive training from various local, regional and international agencies in Cyber Security and Cyber Crime, Intelligence Gathering and Analysis, International Compliance Training Program and CFATF Mutual Evaluation Examiners Training, Narcotics Investigation, Financial Investigations and Surveillance Training.

A series of training sessions are carried out with financial institutions and other reporting entities during the year to facilitate their compliance with the various regulations governing their operations. Additionally, our personnel attend various conferences and workshops to further develop and sharpen the knowledge base to ensure that the organization functions at optimal capacity.

Finance and Budget

The infrequent availability of fiscal resources more than often presents problems in addressing operational requirements and therefore hampers the efficiency of the organization’s efforts. chart In an environment where responsiveness is necessary and the organization is intelligence led, the uncertainty and unavailability of financial resources have prevented the organization from being more proactive and operationally efficient.

There is a need to obtain a more efficient way of accessing resources to allow the organization to improve its responsiveness in an environment where timing is critical and on which success or failure is determined.