Law Enforcement

drug enforcement Threats to National Security

Trafficking in Class A drugs such as cocaine continues to offer the criminal the highest profit margin, but the growth, shipment and distribution of the Class B drug

Financial Intelligence & AML/CFT Compliance

drug enforcement Financial Intelligence & Compliance

Most serious organised crime is about money. Therefore, tackling money laundering is an essential part of combating the threat of drug trafficking, organised crime, fraud and the financing of terrorism.

Policy on Drugs

Determined to address the problem of illicit drug use and substance abuse among its citizens, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda with the assistance of CICAD/OAS drafted a five (5) year plan which sought to coordinate the islands Anti-Drug initiative. The existing plan, which is a collaborative effort between the various Governmental and non-governmental organizations, emphasizes the notion that the Anti-Drug initiative is a “sheared responsibility” which requires everyone’s input for it to be successful.

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