In the most recent issue of the Asset Recovery Times published by the RSS Asset Recovery Unit, ONDCP Director, Lt. Col Edward Croft, was cited as the Outstanding Director of the Quarter in the area served by the RSS-ARU, which is Barbados and the OECS. The article highlighted the Director’s leadership and the achievements of the ONDCP over the past four years.


In addition, the article pointed out that Lt. Col. Croft’s drive for excellence had resulted in him being appointed the leadership role in preparing for Antigua and Barbuda’s CFATF Evaluation, including guiding the country’s National Risk Assessment (NRA) to a successful conclusion. It noted that he was subsequently made head of delegation to defend Antigua and Barbuda’s position at the CFATF Plenary which resulted in the country receiving a reasonable report, one of the best within the region to date. In light of this, the article also noted that he was recently requested to assist Anguilla by sharing his experience in developing and executing an NRA and preparing for a mutual evaluation, and on the heels of that, the ECCB has requested his assistance in guiding another OECS country in their preparation for their NRA and upcoming mutual evaluation.


Edward Croft

Lt. Col. Edward Croft

The article concluded that Lt. Col. Croft was recently appointed Deputy Chair of Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), a position usually held by Attorneys General and Ministers of Government, and he is expected by the end of the year to take up the chairmanship of CFATF.


Director Croft attributes the successes of the organization to the hard working team at the ONDCP and thanked the men and women for their dedication, commitment and constant striving for excellence and professionalism in all that they do.

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